RSVP 2015 Conference Programme


Conference venue: Ghent University, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Blandijnberg 2, Ghent, Belgium


Thursday 9 July 2015


2.00-3.00         Boat trip (departure from Korenlei, green boat house)

4.00-5.00         Registration and information (main entrance lobby)

5.00                 Pre-conference reception (ground floor cafeteria)

6.30                 Executive Committee dinner and meeting (faculty room first floor)


Friday 10 July 2015


8.30-5.00         Registration and information (main entrance lobby)

9.00                 Welcome and conference opening (Auditorium B)

9.15-10.45       First sessions


1)      The Rise of Serials and the Newspaper Press Directories in the long Nineteenth Century (Room 120.012)

 Moderator: Catherine Waters (University of Kent)
Laurel Brake (Birkbeck), “The National Portrait Gallery of the Victorian Press, or the 19C Newspaper Press Directories”

Mark Turner (Kings College, London), “A Year in the Life of Press: Reading the Press Directories”

Tom O’Malley (Aberystwyth University), “Structural and Cultural Change in the Late Victorian and Early 20th Century Press; a Study of Mitchell’s Newspaper Press Directory


2)      Living in Print (Room 120.015)

 Moderator: Solveig Robinson (Pacific Lutheran University)

Patrick Leary, “Death by Periodical: the ‘Over-Tasked Brain’ of Angus B. Reach”

Kathryn Ledbetter (Texas State University), “‘Five O’clock Tea’ and the Ladies: Edmund Yates as Columnist for The Queen”

Maria Damkjær (University of Copenhagen), “Suspicious Movements: The Secret Lives of Umbrellas in the Periodical Press”


3)      The English Press in India (Auditorium B)

Moderator: Margaret Beetham (School of Arts and Media at the University of Salford)

Antonia Consonni, “Long Live the Calcutta Review!”

Priti Joshi (University of Puget Sound), “The Cost of Living: Advertisements in Indian Newspapers”

Tara Puri (University of Warwick), “‘Our journalistic venture’: Kamala Satthianadhan and the Indian Ladies’ Magazine


4)      The English Press in Other Places I (Room 120.083)

Moderator: Fionnuala Dillane (University College Dublin)

Klaudia Lee (City University of Hong Kong), “Plague Narratives of 1894 and the English Press in the Crown Colony”

Shu-chuan Yan (National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan), “The Life and Death of Melbourne Punch in Colonial Australia”

Elizabeth Tilley (National University of Ireland, Galway), “Rebirthing the Nation: The Dublin Penny Journal and Alternative Histories”


10.45-11.15     Break (ground floor cafeteria)

11.15-12.45     Second sessions


5) George Eliot and the Press (Room 120.012)

 Moderator: Kathryn Ledbetter (Texas State University)

Fionnuala Dillane (University College Dublin), “Making George Eliot Live in the Victorian Periodical Press”

Elissa Myers (CUNY Graduate Center), “The Keepsake and Middlemarch

David Taylor (Society of Antiquaries), “Joining George Eliot’s ‘The Choir Invisible’: The Positivist Review and Approaches to Immortality in Victorian Britain”


6)      Spiritualism in the Press (Room 120.015)

Moderator: Birgit Van Puymbroeck (Ghent University)

Helena Goodwyn (Queen Mary University London), “‘Our Subjective Selves’: Letters from Julia or the Spook Who Wrote Steadese”

Michelle Foot (University of Aberdeen), “Modern Spiritualist Magazines: Promoting Spirit Paintings & Spirit Artists in Glasgow, 1866-1907”

Molly Youngkin (Loyola Marymount University), “Continuity Between Life and Death: Multi-voiced Discussion of Second Sight in William Stainton Moses’s Light and the Ghost Club”


7). Obituaries and Memorializations I (Room 120.083)

Moderator: Julia Podziewska (Sheffield Hallam University)

April Patrick (Fairleigh Dickinson University), “‘An Old Malady Returned’: Katharine Tynan’s Memorial Essays in the 1890s”

Melissa Score (Birkbeck), “‘Born of English Working Men’: Garibaldi and the Shakespeare Memorialization Campaigns of 1864”

Chloe Holland (Liverpool John Moores University), “Assessing the Afterlife of ‘Mrs Henry Wood’ – Lady, wife, mother – in the Argosy, Other Nineteenth-Century Periodicals, Newspapers”

Annemarie McAllister, “Drinking Oneself to Death in the Children’s Temperance Periodical”


12.45-1.45       Lunch (ground floor cafeteria)

1.45-3.15 Third session


8)      The English Press in Other Places II (Room 120.012)

Moderator: Alexis Easley (University of St. Thomas)

Betsy Howard (University of St. Thomas), “Spectacle and Specter: Pompeii’s Mid-Nineteenth Century Popularity in Chambers’s Journal

Jessica Queener (West Virginia University), “Death in Jamaica and Judgment in England: Responding to the Morant Bay Rebellion, 1865-1868”

Frederik Van Dam (KULeuven), “Diplomatic Journalism: The Afterlife of Cosmopolis (1896-1898)”


9) Afterlives in the English Press (Room 120.015)

Moderator: Priti Joshi (University of Puget Sound)

Rachel Calder (University College London), “The Births, Deaths and After-Life of Books: Book Trade Journalism and Bibliographic Catalogues

Andrew Hobbs (University of Central Lancashire), “The Second Lives of Second-Hand Newspapers and Magazines Sold in Reading Room Auctions, 1851-1900”

Joanne Shattock (University of Leicester), “The Lives and Afterlives of Victorian Journalists”


10) The Religious Press (Auditorium B)

Moderator: Helena Goodwyn (Queen Mary University London)

Anne DeWitt (New York University), “Living and Dying in the Periodical Press: The Case of the Theological Novel”

Ian Hesketh (University of Queensland, Australia), “By the Author of Ecce Homo: Imagining the Life (and Death) of a (Not So) Anonymous Author”

Louis James (University of Kent), “‘The Soul Quits its Tabernacle of Clay…’ A Note on Deathbed Scenes in Religious Tracts and Tract Magazines


11) Methodology and the Digital in Periodical Studies (Room 120.083)

Moderator: Anne Humpherys (City University of New York)

Amelia Joulain-Jay (University of Lancaster), “Reading Victorian Newspaper Corpora: ‘Russia’ and ‘France’ in the Era, 1840-1899”

Gary Simons (University of South Florida), “Characterizing Contributors to Victorian Periodicals: Querying the Curran Index”

Valerie Stevenson (Liverpool John Moores University), “Many Names Have Been Adduced and Plausibly Supported”: The Punch Author Attribution Project at LJMU: Methodology, Metadata and Implications for Future Scholarship (with comments by Brian Maidment, Liverpool John Moores University)


3.15-3.30         Break (ground floor cafetaria)

3.30-5.00         Fourth sessions


12) Warriors, Beer and Wigs: Professional and Trade Periodicals (Room 120.012)

Moderator: Shannon Smith, Queens University, Kingston Canada

Beth Gaskell (University of Greenwich), “Writing Army Life: The Birth of a Shared Professionalism and the Military Periodical Press”

Andrew King (University of Greenwich), “Fermenting Desire: the Early Years of the Brewing Trade Review (1886-1972)”

Ann M. Hale (University of Greenwich), “To Our Readers: Editorial ‘Birth,’ ‘Rechristening,’ and ‘Death’ Announcements in Legal Periodicals”


13) Obituaries and Memorializations II (Room 120.015)

Moderator: Molly Youngkin (Loyola Mary Mount University)

Julie Codell (Arizona State University), “Transcendent Death: Artists’ Obituaries in the Victorian Press”

Iain Crawford (University of Delaware), “‘One of the greatest women that our generation has seen’: Harriet Martineau, Obituary, and the Transatlantic Press”

Julia Podziewska (Sheffield Hallam University), “Passing On: Post-Mortem Property Transfer in All the Year Round and Wilkie Collins’s The Woman in White


5.15                                  Michael Wolff Lecture (Auditorium B)

Introduction: Anne Humpherys (City University of New York)

Alexis Easley ( University of St. Thomas), “The Victorian Press: New Feminist Critical Strategies”.


8.00                 Dinner (De Foyer, Sint-Baafsplein 17)


Saturday 11 July 2015

8.30-5.00         Registration and information (main entrance lobby)

9.00-10.30       The Robert and Vineta Colby Scholarly Book Prize Lecture (Auditorium B)

Introduction: Mark Turner (Kings College, University of London)

Caroline Bressey. University of London. Empire, Race, and the Politics of Anti-Caste.


10.30               Break (ground floor cafeteria)

11.00-12.30     Fifth sessions


14) Poetry in the Press (Room 120.012)

Moderator: Joanne Wilkes (University of Auckland)

Linda Hughes (Texas Christian University), “The Life and Death (and Life and Death) of W. E. Henley’s Observer: Tracking Poetry as a Research Analytic”

Jacquelyn Mason (Texas Christian University), “Tennyson’s poem, ‘Lucretius’ (May 1868), and the Developing Conversation on Women’s Education Taking Place Within Macmillan’s Magazine

Barbara Onslow (University of Reading), “‘Death in the Annuals’ – Variations on Death as Subject and Symbol”


15) The Visual in the Periodical Press (Room 120.015)

 Moderator: David Latanè (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Brian Maidment (Liverpool John Moores University), “The Scrapheap: The Afterlife of Victorian Periodical Illustrations 1820-1850”

Miranda Mattingly (University of Missouri), “Textual/Visual Relations: Bringing the Different Spaces of a Photograph to Life in Thomson and Smith’s Street Life in London

Thomas Smits (Radboud University Nijmegen), “Making a Profit: the Death and Life of the Early Illustrated Press, 1842-1850”


16) The Supernatural in the Press (Auditorium B)

Moderator: Luke Seaber, University College London

Linda Friday (Edge Hill University), “Life, Death and the Un-dead of Fin-de-Siècle Purfleet, Essex: Dracula and the Significance of Location in the Nineteenth Century Press”

Jessica Hindes (Royal Holloway), The Urban Vampire and the Undead Poor: Images of Resurrection in The Mysteries of London

Emma Liggins (Manchester Metropolitan University), “Spectralising Modernity: Supernatural Stories in the Fin-de-Siècle and Edwardian Press”


17) Women’s Bodies in Print (Room 120.083)

 Moderator: Marysa Demoor (Ghent University)

Melissa McCoul (University of Notre Dame) “Female Complaints: Circulation and the Female Body in Late-Nineteenth Century British Magazines”

Marcus Mitchell (Case Western Reserve University), “The Figure of the Muscular Woman and National Health in the Late-Victorian Periodical Press”

Anne-Louise Russell (Anglia Ruskin University), “Ellen Wood’s Parkwater (1875): Infanticide and the Unmarried Mother”


12.30-2.00       Lunch and Business meeting (ground floor cafeteria)

2.00-3.30         Sixth sessions


18) The Workings of the Periodical Press (Room 120.012)

Moderator: Elizabeth Tilley (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Michael Knies (Weinberg Memorial Library, University of Scranton), “The Birth of Modern Periodical Printing in the United States and the United Kingdom, 1875-1890”

Shannon Smith (Queens University, Kingston, Canada), “Machinery in Motion: The Graphic, the Birth of the Linotype, and Discourses of 19th-century Technological Innovation in the Popular Press”

Jeremy Parrott, “The Contributors to All the Year Round: A Victorian mystery Solved”


19) Women in the Periodical Press (Room 120.015)

Moderator: Brian Maidment (Liverpool John Moores University)

Gemma Outen (Edge Hill University), “‘The belt my wife had is a success. By wearing it she can walk miles; before she could not walk at all’: Representations of Health, Life and Death in Wings

Luke Seaber (University College London), “‘If men do these kind of journalistic feats, why not a woman?’: Elizabeth L. Banks and the Birth and Rebirth of a Genre”

Joanne Wilkes (University of Auckland), “The Death of the Artist and the Death of the Editor: Margaret Oliphant and Good Words


20) The Romantics and Early 19th Century Press (Room 120.083)

Moderator: Koenraad Claes (University of Kent)

Tom Toremans (KULeuven), “Romantic Periodical Culture and Pseudotranslation: Life and Death of the Author in Blackwood’s Magazine, 1817-1822”

Christine Woody (University of Pennsylvania), “Romantic Periodicals and the Invention of the Living Author”

Nicholas Mason (Brigham Young University), “Caroline Bowles, Women’s Satire, and Crashing the Blackwood’s Boys’ Club”


3.30-3.45         Break (ground floor cafeteria)

3.45-5.00         Seventh sessions


21)Death and the Hero in the Victorian Periodical Press (Room 120.012)

Moderator: Anne DeWitt (New York University)

Barbara Korte (University of Freiburg), “The Staging of Heroic Deaths in Victorian Magazines”

Stefanie Lethbridge (University of Freiburg), “Mutinous Deaths: Heroes and the Feminine in Periodical Representations of the Indian Rebellion 1857”

Heidi Liedke (University of Freiburg), “‘If You Tomb At All, You Must Tomb Wisely and Boldly” – Accounts of Tomb Visits in Victorian Periodicals”

Christiane Hadamitzky (University of Freiburg), “The Heroism of Surviving”


22)  Sex, Murder and Violence (Room 120.015)

Moderator: Andrew King (University of Greenwich)

Bob Nicholson (Edge Hill University), “‘The Worst Newspaper in England’: Life and Death in the Illustrated Police News

Marjolein Platjee (University of Amsterdam), “Poisonous Corpses and Lurking Threats: Changes in the Representation of the Murdered Body in Ada, the Betrayed and The String of Pearls

Patrick Low (University of Sunderland), “Capital Punishment, Phrenology and the Press: The Curious case of the Newcastle Journal and the ‘Bumpologist’ Mayor, John Fife”


5.00                 Closing session and reception (ground floor cafeteria)


Sunday 12 July 2015

10.00-12.00     Guided walking tour (departure from Sint-Baafsplein, fountain)

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